Happy Valen-wines Day.

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  • Nasi

    Valentine’s Day in Iran Spndarmzgan History of Valentine’s Day in Iran Day
    Persian date Bahman 26 (Valentine) in the new Iranian calendar that
    coincides exactly with the 29 Bahman “Sepandar Mzgan” or “Asfndar Mzgan”
    has been called. Respect
    the philosophy of this day as “day” has been the case in ancient Persia
    where they account for thirty days each month and also had the names of
    the months, days, months, and each had a name. For
    example, the first day of days “Ahura Mazda”, the second day, day of
    Bahman (health, thoughts) that has the attributes of God, the patches
    that “the truth and purity,” which has the attributes of God, on
    September fourth, the “King and Armani empire, “the fifth day of God’s
    special and” above-stated Sepandar was. ” Above-stated national title Sepandar earth. Spread the holy, humble. Earth is a symbol of love, because with humility, humbleness and passed to all loves. Ugly and beautiful, and everyone sees eye to a full lap of the mother in Amman gives its stamp. So in ancient cultures as a symbol of love Espandar Mzgan thought. Each
    month, one-time, day and month is one month to coincide with the name
    was listed on the same day, the celebration was the order of the day and
    month names. For example, the sixteenth day of October, and that name was in October, “invertebrates” was dubbed. Similarly,
    the fifth day of each month or the above-stated Sepandar Asfndar
    above-stated his name in the twelfth month in the above-stated Asfndar
    it was called, was a celebration with the same title. There was a love feast and Mzgan Sepandar ground that both were found together in meaning. Women in this day to love their husbands were away. Men, women and girls puppet king on the throne, gave them gifts and obey them. The
    Iranian nation is the nation whose life has had many links with the
    celebrating, celebrated the occasion with a variety of server and
    happiness are the days have passed. These celebrations reflect the culture, lifestyle, mood, and overall philosophy of life is the ancient Iranian world. Since we Naashnayym with its ancient culture and magnificent beauty of this culture is alien to us. ! The
    countries with the benefit of the rich Iranian culture and their place
    in the hearts of the people that we are not sure that they will comply. “Knowledge
    of the cultures of other nations” and “against the culture of being
    intimidated” two completely separate issues. With being intimidated by
    the culture and customs of others, without being rooted in the soil in
    our history and culture is If I get to the place, where others have come
    before us and have fun here! ! Thought to be unproductive in the nation, must have historical and cultural identity from her. Culture, the most important factor in survival, growth, development or destruction of nations. It is based on the identity of each nation. The
    family’s position on the Shamkh have are people who have been able to
    more effectively practice their ancient culture and mythology to
    introduce yourself and your life up to the height of a legendary brand. What
    is important for contemporaries and posterity, the number of people and
    a nation’s soldiers have been killed in war, but it is worth it in the
    nation is humanity’s cultural arsenal.