Closing the Curtains on Crushpad as the Custom Crush Wine Facility Allegedly Calls it Quits.

Posted on by Kris
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  • Terry Richards

    Looks like Crushpad is not closing. Read this thread where the author actually spoke to the CEO.
    Also, I stopped by their office yesterday and they are very much in business from the looks of it all.

    • Kris Chislett

      Cheers Terry. IMHO Crushpad did a terrible job with dealing with the Lewis Perdue article. The whole problem could have been nipped in the bud from the start. I even asked them if they would permit me to publish the truth, but they told me they were “handling it internally.”

  • Joe Winemaker

    The reports were true that Crushpad needed an influx of cash by the end of June or they were facing liquidation. Email came from top brass pleading for an investor. They made it look like business as usual when that wasnt the case. Winemakers have been pulling their wines quickly and found prepaid funds would not be returned thus they are now out those funds. Too bad it was a good concept just run improperly.

    • Kris Chislett

      Indeed, and as I already said I just think they did a terrible job handling the Lewis Perdue article. They could have turned the whole thing around, maybe even solicited other investors!

  • Lee

    Looks like it’s over at CrushPad

    • Kris Chislett

      I saw that. Crazy! Lewis Perdue called it though, and no-one believed him!

  • SJ

    For people interested in making wine in the San Francisco area, try Bacchus Wine Making in San Carlos. I have been making wine there for 5 years now and the wines are really really good. The cost at Bacchus is ~ 1/4 of that of Crushpad.

    • Kris Chislett

      Thanks for the info!