Thinking about Buying a Wine Fridge? Read This First!

Posted on by Kris
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    The house I just bought has a under the counter wine fridge. A few questions:

    1) what it the appropriate temperature for storing wine ?

    2) Am I correct in assuming only white needs to be in there ?

    3) do you store champagne/sparkling in it or should that go in the fridge?
    4) exactly how bad does it look that I have the bottom racks full of pellegrino and root beer just above that?

  • JosephandCurtis

    I like my reds at 60-62 whites at 56
    Both should have temperature control it really helps w aging process
    Champ/Spark can go in there as well
    Horrible..please turn in your WINE fridge asap :)

  • Emma Lee

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