Primarius Pinot Noir, Oregon, 2010.

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97% Pinot Noir 3% Syrah




Oregon Wine MapPlace (click map for larger view)




The Primarius certainly bears a very light, almost pinkish color (if would have been a hell-of a-lot darker if they had added more Syrah). The taste matches the color, with bright red cherry, cranberry and ripe raspberry; but the soft and delicate earthy and dried herb notes aren’t that far behind. Very mellow, with a beautifully long finish. It will change before your eyes/palate if you give it a little time in the glass. A great intro to Oregon Pinot (potentially also red Burgundies) for the novice, and a perfect every-night “glugger” for the already inducted.



The Primarius would pair perfectly with smoked meats or sausage, veal, turkey or duck. Also give thought to dishes with complimentary ingredients such as red fruit reductions, mushrooms, truffles, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cloves, allspice and nutmeg.





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  • Vera Czerny

    Come on Kris, you are becoming too technically savvy, leaving us all way, way behind :(

    • Kris Chislett

      :) It took a lot of work!

  • Tim Wilson

    FYI – Oregon laws allow for up to 5% for blending into a varietal wine. There are some people adding syrah to their pinot (I am not one of them) but it’s not the rule here. Syrah very quickly buries varietal character in pinot noir, and the textures of the two don’t always work well together, but it certainly does add color in lighter years.

    • Kris Chislett

      Cheers Tim! :)