Mythbusting the Punt

Posted on by Kris

The Punt - Up Close and Personal.The Proctologists Grip!


At the bottom of most wine bottles, you’ll find an indentation which if you want to get technical is called a "punt". There are many theories on the origin / purpose of the punt. The most common (and most likely) explanation, is that back in the day when wine bottles were hand blown, the bottom of the bottle would be left with a sharp point, or "pontil mark". Therefore many a homeowner would be left with their table covered in scratches, until some genius came along and created the punt by pushing the bottom of the bottle inwards during the glass blowing process.

One tip though; never serve wine like the guy in the photo above. It serves no purpose. A Master Sommelier I was talking to a few years ago called this the "Proctologists Grip", and it isn’t considered standard restaurant service etiquette.

There are several theories why on the punt; we’ll start with the plausible, and get increasingly ridiculous as we move down the list. These are just a few I managed to track down:

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