DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

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Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

There are a couple of things you should know about me before I start this article: firstly I actually don’t mind a little DIY, I can’t say I’m always that good at it, but I do like a challenge!
Secondly if there a shortcut to be found, I’ll normally find it!
Knowing all of that we can now continue…

I found an article online a few days ago showing you how to make a Wine Bottle Christmas Light that involved drilling a hole in the back of a wine bottle, then threading through the Christmas lights. I thought it looked quite easy so I gave it a try. After 20 minutes of drilling and still with more to do I got bored. Therefore I came up with my own way of making Wine Bottle Christmas Lights, and I PROMISE that it will take less than half the time!


You will need

Wine Bottle Christmas Lights Supplies

Wine Bottle Christmas Lights Supplies

Wine Bottle Christmas Lights SuppliesWine Bottle Christmas Lights Supplies





safety goggles (because we will be dealing with a small amount of broken glass)

an empty bottle. I selected Cliff Raven Torrontes, but that’s only because they are my winery this week!

a short strand of 50 bulb Christmas lights (with a plug only on one end). Make sure it is no more than 50 bulbs as you won’t be able to fit any more in the bottle.

How to:

1. Rinse out your wine bottle and remove the label. If you want you could leave the labels on I guess…

2. You’ll need to be careful for the next bit and make sure you are wearing your safety goggles, because Christmas would suck if you lost an eye whilst doing this!

Place the screwdriver in the “punt” end of the wine bottle and gently tap it with a hammer. A couple of taps should be sufficient, you’ll only need a hole big enough to thread in the lights. 

Wine Bottle Christmas Light - Making the Hole

3. Empty out the broken glass and give the bottles another rinse to ensure you have removed any glass shards. You can now start to thread the lights.

CAUTION: The edges of the hole you have just made will be sharp, so use something to push the lights in. I used the handle end of a spoon

Wine Bottle Christmas Light - Threading the Lights Through

4. Once the lights are fully inserted (as shown in the photo) it is worth sealing them in with a thick piece of tape.


5. Now all you have to do is set the bottles down, hide the wire and plug the lights in.

Wine Bottle Christmas Light - Hiding the Wire

Wine Bottle Christmas Light - Wire Hidden


6. Merry Christmas!

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