Oenophobia–The Worst Phobia Known to Man!

Posted on by Kris
red-wine-spillOenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine.

Supposedly, people who suffer from this phobia often do so because of the complexity that involves choosing and drinking wine.  Oenophobia is also referred to as a type of social anxiety disorder in which a person will avoid wine altogether, fearing they are not well-knowledgeable about the selection. Individuals may experience anxiety, nervousness, embarrassment, or slight perspiration.
I’m NOT making this up I promise!


The Cure?

From checking a few different sources, it’s suggested that people can overcome the fear on their own; but often a mental health professional may be needed. 
Now I’m not a Doctor (even through my handwriting looks like I am), but hiring a Psychiatrist to overcome your fear of wine sounds expensive to me! For a small percentage of what a mental health professional will charge, you can come to my house for dinner a couple of nights in a row. After finishing off a case of wine, I’ll no doubt be able to cure you!
Do me a favor though, if you’re coming over make sure you bring a bottle of…..oh wait…..

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