Top 10 Facts about FLASQ Wines

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FLASQ - As green as it gets!


10. FLASQ is the first domestic wine sold in 100% recyclable aluminum containers.

9. Aluminum is recycled at a rate of over 50%, compared with 20% for glass, thereby making it a greener product. The FLASQ bottle is made of 99.7% pure aluminum, which makes it ideal for recycling.

8. From the package to the wine itself, FLASQ wines are made using 100% American-made products. There’s not too many wines which can boast that!

7. Aluminum weighs significantly less than glass, thus resulting in a 35% reduction to the carbon footprint through transportation.

6. One of the major factors toward wine deteriorating in the bottle is exposure to direct sunlight. Of course, with FLASQ wines being in a non-permeable container, that isn’t an issue.

5. Discovered in the 1820s, aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust and the earth’s third most abundant element.

4. The energy saved by recycling 1 aluminum FLASQ can is enough to run a television for three hours

3. According to, each year the aluminum industry pays $800 million dollars for empty aluminum cans to the benefit of communities, industry and the environment.

2. Because the wine is in aluminum, it chills down 5x faster than a glass bottle.

1. The biggest concern when considering a new package for wine, is how it will impact the taste. The container of the FLASQ bottle is actually lined with a special inert material which ensures that the wine or your lips (if you choose to drink directly from the bottle) never actually touch the aluminum packaging itself.



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