My Top 10 Reasons to Love Wine (If You Don’t Already) – #3

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My Top 10 Reasons to Love Wine (If You Don’t Already) – #3#3 Wine is good for you!
It seems that every week a new study is released showing the health benefits of wine. Research shows that moderate consumption of wine can combat everything from premature aging, to Alzheimer’s, to risk of heart attacks, or cancer.

I would however like to “throw a spanner in the works” to a certain degree, and give you something to think about in terms of all wine these studies. Let me first start out by saying that I understand more than most people the health advantages of moderate wine consumption; however, I do sometimes question the way that people are surveyed in these reports.
I’m going to suggest that wine drinkers are generally more active, consume their beverage of choice in a more restrained way (that in comparison to liquor), eat less processed foods, and partake in other healthy activities which lead to a healthier lifestyle. Granted, wine is a heavy contributor to this lifestyle, but I don’t think it should be given 100% of the credit. Controversial I know!!!

I’ve also spent a good amount of time working in wine retail, and I often take the time to question why someone might be choosing red wine over white, even though they just stated that they clearly prefer white; “Well I heard red wine is good for you!” they’ll say. They aren’t wrong, and I’m not disagreeing, however a single bottle of red wine is not the fountain of youth!
I would also like to emphasize the words moderate consumption, as it has also been shown that after consumption of over two glasses a day, all health benefits are lost and excess calories set in. 
Saying all of this, it cannot ever be disputed that moderate consumption of a glass of two of red wine each every day, single-handedly yields more health benefits than any other alcoholic beverage available. Period.

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