Alvear Solera 1927, Montilla, Spain.

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Alvear Solera 1927 Sherry.


100% Pedro Ximenez, (but just call it “PX” if you want to sound cool and trendy…and I know you do).


Alvear Solera 1927 Sherry - Pedro Ximenez

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Alvear Solera 1927 Sherry - Pedro Ximenez


If you haven’t tried Sherry before, or it’s been a while, I SERIOUSLY suggest you give the Alvear 1927 a try.  The nose shows deep rich nutty notes, dried prunes and brandied raisins. The palate yields all of the same, with crème brûlée and maple syrup. Very intense and well balanced, with a finish that lasts forever!
Sherry is an acquired taste for some, that’s undisputed, but the beautiful thing about Sherry is that once you’ve opened the bottle, you don’t have to worry about it going bad for quite some time.


Food Pairing

Enjoy the Alvear 1927 either at the end of a meal, or paired with a strong cheese, such as a fine aged Gouda or blue. Perfect even with a nutty-chocolate dessert. Also can be served over ice, but that seems like kind-of a waste.


$26.99 – Imported by Jorge Ordonez

Alvear Solera 1927 Sherry - Cork

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