HeartSmart “Great Dane” Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California.

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Great Dane Napa Cabernet 2008 - Maisy is NOT impressed!




100% Cabernet




Great Dane Napa Cabernet 2008.


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Great Dane Napa Cabernet Cork


Don’t be expecting any kind of “fruit bomb”! That’s not what the HeartSmart Great Dane Cab is about. Dark and brooding blackberry, plum and cassis. with vanilla, toasted oak, coconut, and bittersweet chocolate. There is some red fruit lurking deep in there, but it isn’t much. Plenty of tannin and acidity, leading to a lengthy finish. I aerated with my Soiree, which certainly helped, but the ‘08 Great Dane certainly needs at least another few years in the bottle to realize its full potential.



No huge surprises on the pairing. Ribeye, rack of lamb, stew, barbecue ribs, and veal. Saying that, for some some reason whilst drinking this wine, I got the most random craving for a huge slice of dark-chocolate cake with a red fruit compote…

Great Dane Napa Cabernet by HeartSmart wine


$110 – Available in very limited supply from www.heartsmartwine.com

Great Dane Napa Cabernet by HeartSmart Wine - It's all about the details!

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