Querceto di Castellina L’Aura Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy, 2008.

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Querceto di Castellina L’Aura Chianti Classico


90% Sangiovese, 10% Ciliegiolo 


Querceto di Castellina L’Aura Chianti


Querceto di Castellina L’Aura Chianti Classico 

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Querceto di Castellina L’Aura Chianti Classico. I use a whisk to get it this foamy! :)


Dark brooding black fruit on the nose, stewed strawberries, herbs, clove and a little “Old World Funk” .  The palate shows….
“Hang on… back up…did you just say Old World Funk? What the hell does that mean!?!?”
“Yes I did. What would you prefer I say? “Old World Funk” or “Earthy-barnyardy-spicy-minerally and dusty with often manure-type nuances?”
“Oh, I see. Well let’s stick with Old World Funk…..” 
“Thanks! That’s what I thought…”
The palate shows chewy dark cherry, blackberry and ripe raspberry, toasty oak, vanilla, a hint of bitter chocolate and plenty of acidity to give it a lengthy finish. The L’Aura is an excellent value Chianti, and had a lot more life and complexity than I was expecting for the price!



Keep it Italian! I always recommend pairing Chianti with food, as I find the Sangiovese grape to pack a great deal of acidity and often tannin (what some might describe as “bitterness”). Saying this, they make the perfect pairing with red sauce pastas, pizzas, herb roasted lamb, game, ratatouille, and even burgers on the grill.



$14.99  – I don’t make a habit of plugging retailers since there’s no “incentive” for me to do so (i.e. $’s), but I picked up this bottle from Total Wine.

L’Aura Chianti Classico

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