The Most Overused Winery Social Media Posts

Posted on by Kris

Everyone wants a "dislike" button. I personally want a "meh" button.

No doubt it’s extremely difficult for any business to maintain a constant stream of engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest of it; but it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of posting the saaaaaaame old stuff.

It’s often suggested that if you can’t post daily, or at least every-other-day, you have no place having a social media presence, at least when it comes to business. I would like to counter by saying that having a daily presence, but posting regurgitated and uninspired content is far worse.

These are my top most overused winery social media posts (in order of mis-use). It’s not to say that this is always bad content, more just its over-use.


You've seen one sunrise  sunset you've seen them all“Look at this beautiful sunrise / sunset over X Vineyards…isn’t it amazing….!?!?!”

Yes, it is both beautiful and amazing. I’m glad you posted a photo of it (again) as my set is now complete! Thanks to the wonders of social media, and every winery running out of creative content, I can view the same sunset from EVERY SINGLE AVA IN CALIFORNIA from the comfort of my laptop. It’s like the license plate game that’s played on long car rides, only this involves photos of sunsets taken by wineries! See you again at sunrise!


Only the greatest wine magazine that was ever written! The Idaho Wine Drinkers Monthly!“Our Merlot just got 92 points in the Idaho Wine Drinkers Monthly magazine!”

Wine scores never seem to matter to wineries……..until they get a good one. Pick a side! Either you’re for or against! I think wineries posting their most recent accolades is a great free marketing tool, but try to make sure the source is at least marginally credible….not that I have anything against the Idaho Wine Drinkers Monthly magazine…

Think of how people would react if you walked around all day screaming “The results are in, and I’m AWEZSOME!!! You need to know I’m AWESOME because some dude living in Idaho said so!!!! I’m AWESOME!!!”
It may sound exaggerated, but that’s EXACTLY what overuse of this type of post is saying to your followers.



PLEEEEEEASE stop by our tasting room today!!!“Our tasting room is open from 10am-4pm Mon-Fri! Stop by!”

I know it is. Your hours are on the front page of your website, and also on the info section of your Facebook Page, and you also posted this SAME copy-and-pasted update 3 times this week… 
Too much push, not enough pull. Why not show a photo of the winery dog in the tasting room or a fascinating fact about the guy pouring at the tasting room that day? It doesn’t look as desperate as multiple posts showing your hours of operation.



This is Saint Swithin. He has a day named after him. Which wine would you pair with it?“Happy Christmas (or) Valentines (or) Independence (or) April Fools (or) St. Swithin’s Day, which of our wines would you pair with this holiday?”

It’s just a dumb question. One way of turning around this type of post is to lookup today’s “food holiday”; for example today (January 10th) is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day. NB: I have no idea who comes up with these bloody holidays! So why not suggest which one of your wines would pair best. A cool resource I use to detail food holidays (should the urge come across me) is from

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