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New Beer by Dogfish Blurs the Line Between Wine and Beer.

Posted on by Kris

Dogfish Head Noble Rot is a beer made with the addition of grapes. That in itself isn’t totally new.  What is new is that the grapes contribute about half of the fermentable sugars. What’s also worth noting is the types … Continue reading

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Study Shows Lighting Influences Wine Tastes.

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If you’re planning on having guests over this weekend, and you’re worried about your choice of wine, you may want to consider changing your light-bulbs! According to a study published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, wine drinkers found that … Continue reading

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How to Sell Mosel Riesling…

Posted on by Kris
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A Guide to Wine Faults – Trichloroanisole

Posted on by Kris

“Ermmmm excuse me, Garçon. This wine is bloody terrible!” – just doesn’t sit too well in most restaurants; therefore over the next couple of weeks I’m going to list some of the most common faults you may encounter on your … Continue reading

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40 Cool Wine Packaging and Label Designs

Posted on by Kris

…and who said creativity in the wine industry is dead!?!? Check out these very cool wine packaging and label designs.

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3rd Annual RiverHops Jacksonville

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