7 Deadly Wine Glasses.

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7 Deadly Wine Glasses.

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these beautiful (but granted not very practical) wine glasses.
The 7 Deadly Glasses by Kacper Hamilton Design are based on the idea that each glass represents a sin, which is revealed through the ritual of drinking. The glasses are limited edition and hand-made in England (which for obvious reasons only makes me love them more). No mention of a price, but I can’t imagine they are cheap! My birthday still isn’t for quite a while, but anyone who wants to buy these for me now, I’d be more than happy to repay you with smiles and good karma…

Click here to purchase the 7 Deadly Glasses.

7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Envy7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Gluttony

7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Greed7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Lust7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Pride7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Sloth7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Wrath

7 Deadly Wine Glasses - Boxed Set.

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