Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999, Champagne, France.

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Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999 Cork


63% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay



Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999

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Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999...


What we are dealing here is vintage Champagne. It’s certainly an acquired taste. I can’t say I was overly impressed with my first taste of vintage Champagne, but then again, I didn’t understand it.

Considering the age, the Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999 still had plenty of life in it, and was bursting with flavor with complex bright citrus, ripe apple, butterscotch, biscuits, nuts and bready-type yeast notes. Persistent and elegant on the finish. Even though it’s had plenty of time in the bottle already, I would love to taste it again in another 5 years.

Matthew Jukes (Daily Mail wine columnist) was quoted as saying: “La Grande Annee is a joint-venture between God and Bollinger”.

Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999 Back Label


Pair it with whatever you bloody want. I have a hard time believing this wine will do damage to anything it’s paired with! I’m of the first belief that Champagne is one of the most food friendly wines available!



Average retail is around $130, and availability is limited to various online retailers, and very few select “brick-and-mortar” retailers. 

Bollinger La Grande Annee 1999 in the Glass

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