Fiftyrow Spring Mountain Syrah, Napa Valley, California.

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Fiftyrow Spring Mountain Syrah, Napa Valley, California


100% Syrah



Fiftyrow Spring Mountain Syrah, Napa Valley, California.


Spring Mountain Napa Vineyard Map.Place (click map for a larger view)

Fiftyrow Spring Mountain Syrah, Napa.


I hate to overuse words like “pretty” when describing a wine, but there’s no other way to describe the nose on the inky-black Fiftyrow Syrah. Musky black fruit and dried spices on the nose showing a fairly serious perfume. No exaggeration, I actually had to make sure I wasn’t actually smelling my own aftershave when first sticking my nose into the glass. True story.

It backs off a little on the palate. Still with concentrated cassis and spice holding its own, but also with a little redcurrant compote, damp soil, slate, and well integrated oak. Not overblown and heavy, neither is it California masquerading as Rhone, instead it strikes a perfect balance between the two.

I’ve tasted very few Syrah’s outside of the Rhone that I would consider sizably age-worthy, but I’d definitely put the Fiftyrow in that category. My advice is to buy a few, drink one as soon as you get in and put the rest in storage for a few years.



Lamb in any way shape or form! Steak or duck would obviously also work wonders, but if it was me doing the pairing, I would try to capitalize on all those spicy aromatics…



Drinking way above its price-point of $30 – available online from the Fiftyrow website.

Fiftyrow Spring Mountain Syrah, Napa Valley, California.

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