Michel Rolland Turns Wine To Water in Africa

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Michel Rolland: the anti-Jesus. He turns wine into water.

The man with the golden-palate: world-famous winemaking consultant Michel Rolland, who built his reputation on working his magic in the cellar, is now doing miracles of a different sort, by turning his South African wine into water for Ethiopians in desperate need.

Recognizing this urgent need and the critical role that water plays in the production of fine wine, Michel Rolland has partnered with CNN Hero Doc Hendley, founder of Wine To Water, and Montesquieu Wines, a California winery and importer, on a special project – the Bonne Nouvelle, a wine from the land of Africa, for the people of Africa.

The 2003 Bonne Nouvelle, Michel’s signature Cabernet blend from Stellenbosch, is aptly named: it means “good news” in French. Proceeds will go directly to Wine To Water to dig deep bore wells in the Dale region of Southern Ethiopia, where 6 out of 10 people lack access to clean water, causing life-threatening diseases to run rampant. The project’s initial goal is to raise $40,000 – enough to fund four wells, providing permanent water access for over 8,000 people.

The Bonne Nouvelle is available at www.winetowaterstore.com, where wine lovers can learn how they can save a life with each bottle they drink.

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My Thoughts

I have nothing much to input here, at least nothing terribly insightful, so instead I’ll just give you a nerdy wine joke (it helps it you know a little-bit about Michel Rolland):
Q: What connects 10 bottles of water from all over the world and 10 bottles of Michel Rolland “produced” wine from all over the world?
A: It generally all tastes the same…


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