Top 30 Wine Brands of 2011.

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This list always depresses me slightly. For the most part it reads like a who’s-who of generic tasting juice (obviously), but on the other-hand if you look at a similar list of the top 30 restaurants in the country, you’re going to be greeted with the same level of mediocrity. Right?
To expect individualism on a list of this sort is not to be expected, since all of these wines are over 100,000 cases in production.

Now, on the other-hand; if these brands were charging $15 a bottle, that would REALLY give me a reason to be depressed. But they’re not. Out of the top 30 wines on the list, 15 of them retail for under $8. That’s INSANE! The fact that wineries can even manage to produce a wine for that kind of a margin blows my mind, when you consider not only production, but the huge marketing $’s these wineries throw at these brands. Generic as they might be, I can only imagine the bar on this list has been considerably raised, when compared to as little as 10 years ago!

Here’s the breakdown of the 2011 list:
Cupcake remains at #1 (same as last year)
Barefoot is up to #2 from #3
Apothic (Gallo) is new on the list at #3
– Californian wines represents 25 of the top 30 brands.
– Gallo owns 7 of the top 30 brands.
– 15 of the top 30 retail for $8+.
– 15 of the top 30 retail for under $8.
– The average price of wines in the top 30 was slightly down from 2010.
Apothic, 14 Hands, Fish Eye, and The Naked Grape are all newcomers to the 2011 list.

Top 30 Momentum Table Wine Brands of 2011

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