Jacksonville Indulge Wine School.

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Jacksonville Indulge Wine School.

For anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of wine, I have the PERFECT opportunity for YOU!

Long-story-short: I was approached a couple of months ago by the Indulge Wine School to be their official Wine Instructor for Jacksonville. They’d already launched similar classes in Oregon, California and Washington, and Jacksonville was the first candidate in Florida. To me, this came at a perfect time, as there’s a severe lack of good quality (and educational) wine tastings in Jacksonville!

The reason I haven’t talked about this more is that I’m very careful about who I choose to do business with, and I wanted to get to know Indulge a little-more before I committed to them on a permanent basis. I’ve already hosted 2 classes and I know all the participants had a blast! Therefore, I’m more comfortable putting my “seal of approval” on it.

The class being offered at the moment is a fun and unintimidating whirlwind 2-hour tour of wine, and includes food. There are plans for a second class, but all in good time!

The next scheduled class on Saturday April 28th at 3pm is to be held at Blue Bamboo.
Side-note: if you haven’t been to Blue Bamboo before, this is a perfect opportunity! Dennis (the owner) is quite easily one of the most respected Chefs in Jacksonville, and for his part in this wine class, he really does a great job with the food!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I actually have a coupon code that will save you a HUGE amount of money on this class!

To sign-up, go to: www.indulgewineschool.com/wine/florida and make sure you use coupon code: JWG. The listed price on this class is $129 per person, but if you use the coupon it will save you $80 and bring the class down to $49 each! This is an exceptional value for what you receive!


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