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Kris-Chislett-WebsiteKris Chislett.com

I know, I must be out of my tiny-little-English-mind to start an additional website!

My rationale is that I’m not particularly fond of posting social media content right here on this website (since it’s a little off-topic from what most people are expecting); however, as my involvement in social media increases and I’m working with a lot more wineries, I needed somewhere to house this type of content.
I also wanted to buy my name’s domain before some sleazy entrepreneur got their hands on it (…or maybe I shouldn’t flatter myself)….

The KrisChislett.com site, which is now housed under the About section of this website, will generally feature social media and marketing articles, with the occasional personal post. To start, I’ll keep posting the videos and posts both here and on KrisChislett.com, then I’ll gradually move everything over to there.

Wine-Crush-Kris-Chislett-Radio-InterviewRadio Interview on WineCrush.com

I recently did my first ever radio interview for WineCrush, a cool wine-themed program that’s syndicated to 50 different radio stations.

It’s weird hearing yourself on the radio, but I’m quite happy with how everything went, considering I had no prior knowledge of the questions they were going to be asking.

Past guests have included Steve Heimoff (Wine Enthusiast West Coast Editor), Paul Mabray (VinTank), Rick Tigner (President of Kendall Jackson), Jeff Bundschu, (President of Gundlach Bundschu), Dan Cohn (B.R. of Cohn Winery) to name but a few; so I was obviously humbled that they reached out for me!

The interview can be found by clicking on this link, and you can skip to the middle-point of the show for my chat with host Laura Lawson.

I-Know-Jax-Jacksonville-Kris-Chislett-TV-ShowTV Spot

This week I begin shooting a TV wine segment on CW17, broadcasting to 675,000 households in the Jacksonville area.

I’ve always been convinced that wine has a place on TV (contrary to the Wine on TV article I wrote a while back), so needless-to-say I’m going to give it everything I’ve got! Expect humor, sarcasm and hopefully you might even learn a thing-or-three about wine!

I believe the segments are only going to last about 3-5 minutes (about the same length as the videos I post here) and air every Saturday at 11pm. Fortunately for Saturday Night Live I won’t be competing for their viewership! :)
Once I get the YouTube videos I’ll no-doubt be posting them here. Stay tuned for more info…

Wine-Bloggers-Conference-2012Wine Bloggers Conference 2012

Unfortunately I won’t be attending this year’s Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon. A lot of thought went into the decision, with the cost being the main barrier.
I estimated my attendance to be in the region of $1,300 (flight, hotel, admission to event, meals etc.) which is a ton of money for a 3-day event! If anything, I see more potential in investing that cash in some of my other projects, which leads nicely to my next point…

question-markOther Stuff

One of my defining characteristics is that I don’t like saying I’m going to do something (or starting a project) and then not following-through with it. This is contrary to what I’m seeing a lot-of online (even from some of the “big names”).

My lips are therefore going to stay firmly sealed on some of the other things I’m working on, but I’m extremely excited about their potential. It’s all logistics and legalities at this point, but once things start moving forward you’ll be the first to know about it!

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