French Cows Fed 2 Bottles of Wine a Day to Increase Flavor.

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A number of farmers in the Languedoc wine region of France have taken to feeding their cattle local red wine to improve the flavor of their beef.

According to The Independent, local farmer Claude Chaballier has been feeding his cattle wine, which reportedly has resulted in “lean, marbled and tasty,” beef.
The extraordinary development has seen a ‘Vinbovin’ label of meat established which is already being championed by some of the best restaurants in Paris.

Two Angus cattle and one Camargue cow were fed a mixture of leftover grapes, barley and hay before two litres of wine were integrated into their diet.

A similar experiment was reported in 2010, when Canadian farmer Janice Ravndahl in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley had taken to feeding her cattle red wine for the 90 days leading up to their slaughter. Ravndahl got the idea after celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay feed beer to his pigs on TV show The F Word (click here for that video).

Click here for the full article from The Independent.

My Thoughts…

And just when you thought the French couldn’t possibly be any dumber, after the foie gras ban, they go and do something like this…AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!

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