Top 20 Wine Tattoos: When a Love for Wine Goes Too Far!

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When I say “top 20 wine tattoos,” whereas some of these are awesome, most are just plain awful…but then again I’m not a “tattoo-guy.”
These are the best wine tattoos I could find from the far depths of the Information-Super-Highway. I didn’t include every tattoo I found, as there were at least a couple that even I would have a difficult time posting (i.e. I don’t want this turning into a pornographic wine website)!


With a Petrus tattoo on one arm and a tribal tattoo on the other, this guy is a walking contradiction!wine-tattoo-2


The Champagne with no name…wine-tattoo-4


The awkward moment when this guy gets to be 75 years old, and his bright and juicy-looking grapes start to look like they’re affected by Botrytis (wine-geek joke).wine-tattoo-5

I can’t tell if this is a guy or girl, but all I can say is: “WOW!” wine-tattoo-6
This is actually my favorite of the bunch: A waiters wine-key tattoo!wine-tattoo-7
I don’t know what that quote has to do with a glass full of red wine…but to each their own…wine-tattoo-8


Rumor has it that part of the initiation behind becoming a Master Sommelier is getting this tattoo on the small of your back!
(Just kidding! I don’t want to get in any more trouble with “The Court,” especially after my last April Fools Day post!)wine-tattoo-9
Supposedly “araviti tantu curagiu” is a Sicilian quote meaning “all you need is courage.”wine-tattoo-10
This one freaks me


I’ve never had a bottle of “Kessler”…and I don’t think I ever willwine-tattoo-14
Wife: “You were gone a while at the flea market…did you buy anything nice?”
Husband: “…ermmm…”
This tattoo scares me more-and-more each time I look at


Resveratrol tattoo on the arm of a guy named Nico (I couldn’t find out any more info on him). Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes. He wrote his dissertation on the molecule, and its potential to prevent breast


My favorite Brit Master of Wine: Jancis Robinson rocking a Riesling tattoo. Jancis got tatted-up (non-permanent) at the FEIRT, (Frankland Estate International Riesling Tasting) held this year in Australia. wine-tattoo-19


Would you hire a Sommelier with this on his neck?wine-tattoo-20
Sine Qua Non tattoo (after the winery of the same name, which literally translates to “without which not.”) on the arm of Sommelier Seth Liebman (according to Mouton Noir).wine-tattoo-21


…and let’s finish with the most famous wine tattoo in the world: Mr. Johnny Depp with his “Wino Forever”
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