Champagne De Venoge Grand Vin des Princes, 1993.

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100% Chardonnay




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Vintage Champagne is no-doubt a shock to the system for most people! Anyone who tastes a Champagne which has been aged for over 10+ years for the first time, and say that they enjoy it is a liar! They’re only saying they like it because they know the price, and probably don’t want to offend the other person. Vintage Champagne is certainly a taste which has to be acquired, since the “secondary” flavors/aromas will start to dominate.

The De Venoge Grand Vin des Princes 1993 yielded a golden-yellow color with few bubbles. A nose of toffee, hazelnuts, baked apples and pears, and biscotti. The taste showed more of the same, with honeycomb, dried lemon zest, almond, toast, fig and caramelized pear. A slight hint of oxidization, but not enough to detract from the wine itself. A beautiful Champagne, but as I said, it doesn’t give the “up-front enjoyment” most people will be expecting.



Well, we had it with tilapia tacos…and it worked just great! You might want to up-the-ante a little more though if you’re going to splurge on this bottle! Rabbit, lobster, smoked meats, dark truffles, parmesan cheese, sea bass or caviar would all work brilliantly.




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