Fulcrum Gap’s Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast.

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100% Pinot Noir




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Surprisingly subtle on the nose, maybe even warrants decanting. Either that or another year or two in the bottle. Once it’s been allowed to open up, you’ll be greeted with baked cherry and rhubarb pie, as well as ripe raspberry and spice and clove.
Darker fruit on the palate, giving way to plum and ripe-dark blackberry. The spice continues with some secondary flavors of tree bark, anise, tea leaf on the back end. The acidity is mellow, but enough to hold up to another few years in the bottle

I blind tasted a group of aspiring Sommeliers a few nights ago on an another Sonoma Coast Pinot (which shall remain nameless, but is one of the most highly regarded Pinot’s in the U.S. right now). From the sheer color of the wine alone, they all guessed it was Cabernet. Then they tasted it, and thought it was a Syrah! This isn’t uncommon.

As I previously stated, the “average” California Pinot has gone off on a HUGE tangent, in order not to be deemed “watery” and “thin.” by consumers. Pinot Noir made in the style of the Fulcrum is not made for the “mass market.” These wines are made for people who know what the grape is capable of if you just give it half the chance! This without the winemaker throwing a bunch of other “junk” in there to change the color and add fruit/sweetness to give people what they want. This wine doesn’t care what you want. This is what Pinot Noir should look/taste like.



I already did a food pairing with this wine, but I’m not going to give away what I made, since I plan to post the article in a week or two. However, what I will say is that with wines like this you need to try and look for specific flavors in the wine and try and pick upon those flavors in the dish. This achieved by way of ingredients such as clove, pepper, spice, nutmeg, and dark fruits. This wine shouldn’t give you too many problems at all, so long as you think the pairing through!



$56 – Available from select retailers and Fulcrumwines.com 


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