Is Weight Watchers “Diet Wine” The Next Big Thing in Weight Loss?

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It appears that Weight Watchers have put their stamp of approval on a range of “diet wines” from Australian wine producer McWilliams.

At the time of this article being published, the 4 wines include: Harmony Sparkling Brut NV, Harmony Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc, Harmony Shiraz and Ezzenze Vine Dancer Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

So what makes the Weight Watchers healthier than regular wines?
The wines supposedly have less calories than traditional wines and also contain less alcohol. The Weight Watchers wine is expected to contain 6-10 ABV. The exact calorie count info isn’t available yet, but McWilliams have said that all of the nutritional information will be clearly labeled on the back of the bottle.

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My Thoughts…

Like I always say: “it’s unfair to judge something without tasting it,” but I can’t say I have the highest hopes for the Weight Watchers wine, at least, in terms of flavor. I could always be wrong…but I doubt it.

I might be a little out of my league here, but from what I know about the way they make non-alcoholic wine: it involves making the wine in the “usual way,” but then stripping the alcohol out of it, usually requiring some type of reverse-osmosis. Obviously there can be some significant negative effects on the flavor after the wine has gone through this process. Now, I don’t know if that’s what we’re dealing with here; but what I do know is that wines are the alcohol they are, not because the winemaker thinks it’s “fun” to get you fat and drunk, but rather to do with “balance.” That’s a whole other topic which I have no intention of going off on a tangent on here…

I’m all-about controlling alcohol levels in wines, but this seems like more of a marketing ploy aimed at the rotund. On the flip-side, it’s kind-of a big step having the nutritional information on the back label of a wine bottle. It’s safe to say that you should expect to see more of “this type of thing” (i.e. diet wines and nutritional labeling) in the future!

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