Denbies Whitedowns Cuvée NV Sparkling, Surrey, England.

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100% Seyval Blanc
Yes, you are indeed forgiven for never having heard-of/tasted Seyval Blanc. The reason this French hybrid grape is starting to see a rise in popularity in English vineyards (as well as in New York and Canada), is that it isn’t opposed to a little cold weather (something which England does so well), since it buds and ripens early.



UK-England-Wine-Vineyard-MapPlace (click map for larger view)



(In homage to my recent trip back home to my home in West Yorskhire, I’m going to do the tasting notes in a full-on Yorkshire accent):
Int’ glass, thas got a fairly typical Sham-pag-nay (Champagne) colour, all yella and golden-like. A right nice nose, wi’ lemon, crisp green pear and a little Digestive biscuit.
Ont’ palate: plenty a lemon, sour Granny Smith apple, gooseberry, and a touch of freshly baked Warburtons. Finish was short, and tighter than a duck’s arse.

Not an arf-bad attempt, but I still think thez some work left to do before us Brits start to give Johnny Foreigner a run for their money, ah’ll tell thi that fer nowt!



Pair as you would a Brut Champagne: with light appetizers, Brie, manchego, gouda, white meats, creamy sauces, almonds, white-fruit-based desserts or simply as an aperitif.



£19 ($30) – Available from Denbies Wine Shop.


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