Premiere Napa Valley Wine Auction

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Premiere Napa Valley Auction 

I don’t know what your plans are for this coming February, but there’s a pretty-awesome event happening in Napa that I thought I’d fill you in on….you know….in case you’re just so happening to be in the area!

The Premiere Napa Valley Auction is a wine auction like I haven’t seen before, probably because these types of events don’t happen that often. Essentially 200 of the best winemakers in “The Valley” have each agreed to make a limited number of cases (5 to be exact) of never-before seen wines. The wines are all one-of-a-kind and will never be sold outside of this event.

The event seems like a great opportunity for some of the winemakers to experiment a little, since a great number of the participating wineries are making wines from grapes they don’t normally sell as stand-alone wines, and you even have some wineries making a white when they usually only make reds.

The event runs from Thursday February 21st through to Saturday February 23rd and you can visit for more information.

For a deeper insight into the Premiere Napa Valley Auction, take a look at the slide show embedded below.

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