Winebulance: The Sequel!

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Well…’s about this! A Winebulance!

So, I stumbled across this image today on The Facebook. The photo is of the “Winebulance” delivery truck from The Selsey Off-License in West Sussex, back in my Motherland (England).

What a genius idea! I wish I’d have thought of it first…..oh wait…I did….




…back in July of 2012 (click here for the original post). Notice my logo in the bottom-left corner.

I thought the idea of a Winebulance was so good that I actually purchased in July of 2012 (it currently just redirects back to In-fact, “Winebulance” wasn’t even a searchable word on Google before my post.

I can’t tell a lie. The fact that someone decided to base a business idea solely off one of my memes is pretty-much blowing my mind right now! But here’s the thing…a million ideas are thought-up every single day. I take minimal credit for someone “borrowing” my Winebulance idea and running with it. I’ve always said that it takes very little to simple THINK of an idea. Where the struggle comes is getting that idea to work.

I wish the fine folks at The Selsey Off-License all the best with their venture! Just remember where you saw it first! :)

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