Bock Kekfrankos, Villany, Hungary

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Bock Kekfrankos, Villany, Hungary








100% Kekfrankos, otherwise known as Blaufrankisch, which is otherwise known as: “Errrrrmmmm….I have no idea how to pronounce that wine/grape…I’ll just have a glass of Merlot…”



Bock Kekfrankos, Villany, Hungary





Immediately upon popping the cork and taking my first sip it reminds me of Cru Beaujolais, but as it opens up quickly in the glass it gets darker and a little earthier than I was expecting, and not in a bad way…

Solid blueberry and plum on the front end, with leather, pencil lead and cedar running all the way through. Dry in the tannins department and certainly begs for food. This is/was my first memorable Hungarian red wine, I do have to say! If you’re looking for a wine that’s “a little off the beaten path,” this isn’t it, simply for the fact that the beaten path is about 10 miles behind you with the Bock Kekfrankos…but maybe you’ve spent too long on that path anyway…



It would be hard to go wrong with bratwurst and/or hamburgers, but also think about grilled lamb, pizza and strong hard cheeses.



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Bock Kekfrankos, Villany, Hungary

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