Mexican Steak & Avocado Salsa Paired with Juve de Camps Cava Gran Reserva.

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This post is painful to write. No, it’s not because I’m listening to Miley Cyrus whilst writing this. Actually, it’s because I made this recipe a few weeks ago and I’m just getting-around to posting it. This procrastination conveniently coincides with my crazy idea of doing a 48 hour detox. No food or alcohol for 48 hours. (I ate 3 digestive biscuits last night, but don’t tell my wife. So doesn’t read this blog, so I’m safe there.)

The only thing I’ve been surviving on for the last 2 days is this 6-bottle “detox juice mix” sold by the sadists at Pulp in San Marco, Jacksonville. Therefore, looking at pictures of food is particularly painful right now…


If you’ve been following any of my previous posts you’ll know that I like to keep my recipes simple. This one is now exception. You’re basically just prepping it, mixing things in a bowl, throwing a couple of steaks on the grill and then serving.




As written, there’s nothing worse than trying to research a wine, only to be greeting by the winery’s website forcing you to listen to some bloody-awful piano music, and then after searching…there’s no relevant information on the winery or wine! First World wine blogger problems, I know.

With that said, thankfully the wine itself is actually very good. Made from the typical Spanish cava blend of Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grapes; the wine, since it’s a Gran Reserva, has been aged at the winery for 36 months.

With good level of complexity (no doubt because of the extensive aging), the Juve de Camps Cava Gran Reserva is waaaaay more elegant than the El Cheapo most people have come to know and tolerate Cava for. Floral notes for days, with citrus, peach, pear, apricot, and toast. Also drier than most would expect, with minimal sugar in sight. Average retail price is around $15. Buy it. You’ll like it.

Even though most people would have put red wine with this meal; the mix of spices, as well as the avocado told me no. I was right. Any type of red wine would has clashed horribly with this recipe.
I think there’s a lesson to be learnt there. If in doubt, reach for the bubbles.




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