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Vintage Port Wine For Sale – Jacksonville

Posted on by Kris

So this is kind of a different post for me! I have a gentleman who approached me a week ago, asking if I know anyone interested in buying from his collection of Vintage Ports.According to the seller, the wine has … Continue reading

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Barnard Griffin Syrah Port, Columbia Valley, Washington State.

Posted on by Kris

Grapes 100% Syrah   Facts I’ve had this bottle laying around my office for a few months now, and I finally decided (late last night) that it should probably get a review. Normally I wouldn’t review a “cold weather wine” … Continue reading

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Wine and Coffee? The Perfect Start to Your Day!

Posted on by Kris

I don’t know why I haven’t thought to combine coffee and wine before! What a perfect way to start your morning! Of course, I’m kidding! Everyone knows mornings are purely meant for Champagne… If you recall my review last week … Continue reading

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Familia Zuccardi Malamado Fortified Malbec

Posted on by Kris

Grape 100% Malbec (fortified with brandy)   Facts Q: When is a Port not a Port? A: When it’s made in Argentina. – The Malamado holds the title of the first ever fortified Malbec produced in Argentina; however it can’t … Continue reading

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How Long Does Open Wine Last?

Posted on by Kris

Sometimes (but admittedly not that often for most), you run into the issue that you have an open bottle of wine that you just can’t seem to finish. Sure, you can flip on the TV, fill your glass and go … Continue reading

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