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Can White Zinfandel Ever Be “Cool” Again?

Posted on by Kris

It seems that we have a small “underground wine revolution” on our hands, ladies and gentlemen! A handful of wineries in California have taken up the challenge to take White Zinfandel out of the depths of wine-obscurity, and restore it … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Pairing Foods with Rose Wines.

Posted on by Kris

There’s no doubt that White Zin has tainted most peoples’ perception of “pink wines,” and if you’re one of those people, I’d like to reassure you that there’s a whole category of wine out there which awaits your discovery….and it’s … Continue reading

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Red Wine Wins in a White Wine Competition.

Posted on by Kris

News article taken from Richmond Times Dispatch Something rather interesting happened recently at the Celebration of the Vine festival in Virginia. The red wine that took first place was Cooper Vineyards 2009 Petit Verdot. No huge surprises there. But what about … Continue reading

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White Zinfandel Dispute Resolved.

Posted on by Kris

This TREMENDOUS news (tongue firmly in cheek) resolves an issue which arose last year, when Blossom Hill’s White Zinfandel and White Grenache were impounded by authorities in Italy, where the wines are bottled. The brand was forced to relabel the … Continue reading

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Pairing Wine with the Cast of Jersey Shore.

Posted on by Kris

REEEEEPOST!!! This is another post that never made it over to the website from when I had it redesigned over a year ago. I promise I’ll keep posts of this nature (i.e. low in substance, high in humor) few and … Continue reading

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White Zinfandel – Accidents Do Happen…Unfortunately…

Posted on by Kris

The story goes that the history of White Zinfandel began by accident at the Sutter Home Winery. When a tank of Zinfandel didn’t ferment as dry as expected, winemaker Bob Trinchero decided to create a blush wine, and they began … Continue reading

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