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Current Trends in Wine Cellar Design – Part 2

Posted on by Kris

The second part of my “Current Trends in Wine Cellar Design” interview with Curtis Dahl, owner of Joseph and Curtis Wine Cellar Builders.   In the same way people have become used to entertaining in their kitchen, has the same … Continue reading

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Current Trends in Wine Cellar Design – Part 1

Posted on by Kris

It’s almost weekly that I receive an email from someone thinking about building a wine cellar in their home, and looking for my personal recommendation on a good wine cellar builder. Of course there’s wine cellars and there’s wine cellars. … Continue reading

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What Does the Personal Wine Cellar of a Wine Cellar Builder Look Like?

Posted on by Kris

Another short Q & A with my good friend Curtis Dahl, owner of wine cellar builders Joseph & Curtis.   So I see you have a new wine cellar! Care to tell me a little bit about it…?  My main … Continue reading

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So You Want To Build a Wine Cellar…

Posted on by Kris

I continue to receive numerous questions from people looking for advice on building a wine cellar, and whilst I can usually help to answer most peoples’ queries, I prefer to occasionally defer to the superior knowledge of my good friend … Continue reading

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Looking to Build a Wine Cellar and Happen to Have a Spare $59k?

Posted on by Kris

  Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a chance to own a serious piece of winemaking history! Measuring 9′ in diameter, almost 9′ in length, and weighing-in at approximately 2,500 lbs, I would like to present to you the wine cellar to … Continue reading

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Wine Cellars and Aging Wine with Gary Vaynerchuk and Joseph & Curtis.

Posted on by Kris

Cool video interview I found with my good friends cellar builders Joseph & Curtis!

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