Wineries and its affiliated websites:

Advocate your wine/winery through social media.

Create user-friendly and engaging content based solely around your wines.

Share the created content through social media outlets.

Search for conversations about your wine in blogs, social media networks and review sites.

Connect one-on-one directly with consumers in conversations about your wine.

Reinforce your visibility online, as well as follow-up engagement.

Provide support integrating social media into your current marketing strategy, setting up and aligning the various resources with your brand.

Content on the website(s) takes multiple forms

Original wine insights in video form. Short, to the point, fun, and packed full of information.

Wine insights in text form that give a detailed background on the wines you produce, rather than strictly focusing on taste.

Original photos of your wines taken and hosted online.

Meals created specifically to pair with your wines, with the results being documented and published.

Social media advertisements targeted at specific demographics linking back to your content.

Prize giveaways to further engage the audience, because let’s face it, people love free stuff!

Engaging the public through online conversation on various social media outlets.

How to Become A Featured Winery

If you are a winery looking to promote your wine through social media specifically in the South-Eastern U.S., either in an existing campaign or the start of a new one, and its affiliated website are here to help!

Application Process

1. Send an email to me at or call 904-472-1727 to let me know you are interested in having me talk about your wines online.

2. Whilst this website gives a brief overview of this program, a more detailed conversation (20-30 mins at most) is needed for a more thorough understanding.

3. Send samples of your wine direct to me to taste and approve.

4. Once approval has been given and I have collected all the information I need, I will use social media to talk about your wine online.