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Heart Smart “For Giving” Mount Veeder, Cabernet, 2008.

Posted on by Kris

Wine: Heart Smart “For Giving” Mount Veeder Cabernet, 2008. Grape: Cabernet Place: Mount Veeder, Napa, California. Price: $90 (available from

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Wine Connoisseur Dogs.

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4 Wine Descriptors I Hate.

Posted on by Kris

“Four? That’s a random number!” Why would he choose four!?!?” Because I couldn’t think of a fifth one, ok!!! Give me a break!!! Truth be told, I could have probably included more, but what is about to follow are the … Continue reading

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A Few of the Best Wine Bottle Christmas Trees!

Posted on by Kris

  Bubbles!   Ok, so this one is made from Heineken bottles….but it’s still AWESOME!   I can name 10 labels I recognize in the tree below, see if you can do better!

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This Week in Wine–12/18/11

Posted on by Kris

  French Lessons: Why Letting Kids Drink At Home Isn’t ‘Tres Bien’ Many European parents, and some American ones, too, have long figured if they let their kids drink alcohol at home, they’d be less likely to go hog wild … Continue reading

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A Guide to Alternative Investments…Wine Being One of Them!

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