Inkblot by Michael David Winery, Cabernet Franc, Lodi, California.

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Mainly Cabernet Franc, with small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah blended in.




Lodi-Wine-MapPlace (click map for larger view)



Dense and thick, the only way you see through this wine in the glass is if you’re wearing x-ray specs. The bell pepper and “green” flavors that you’ll usually find with Cabernet Franc were killed (without remorse) in a drive-by-shooting…by a purple and black car driven by blackcurrant, with very intense plums in the passenger seat. Thick raspberry jam, pencil lead and coconut husk were all in the backseat staying reasonably quiet. The Loire valley “style” (the original home of Cabernet Franc in France) is bound and gagged in the trunk. With all that said, the “ride” will still be fairly smooth if you give all those flavors time to breath. Still, you might want to keep a cellphone handy (with 9-1-1 already dialed) in-case this wine tries to beat you up! At 15.2% alcohol, it wouldn’t be that difficult…



Pair as you would with an Aussie Shiraz, Californian Zin or other wine with a high ABV. Steak, burgers with mild BBQ sauce and maybe lamb chops. Lay-off the spice or your head will explode.



$35 – Limited availability from and a few select restaurants/retailers around the U.S.


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