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30 of the Most Creative / Unique / Ridiculous Wine Glasses.

Posted on by Kris

Just some of the most creative and unique (but most of the time just plain ridiculous) wine glasses that I could find on the interweb. I do have to say that I think my favorite (and actually the easiest to … Continue reading

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A Guide to Wine Faults – Oxidation.

Posted on by Kris

Oxidation Aeration opens a wine, but too much will result in oxidation and therefore spoilage. Similarly, if the wine has a cork that leeks in too much air, or if a wine goes through multiple temperature changes in the bottle … Continue reading

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Winery Cats Helping Sustainability Efforts in Sonoma.

Posted on by Kris

News article taken from  When Kathy Klopp of Klopp Ranch Vineyards in the Russian River Valley region of Sonoma found herself over-run with gophers in her vineyard and rats in her chicken coop, she introduced “vineyard cats” to patrol … Continue reading

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Fiftyrow Cabernet, Napa, 2007.

Posted on by Kris

    Grapes 100% Cabernet   Facts Admittedly I’ve bit on a little “Napa-binge” lately, for which there is very good reason: I lost faith. Napa just hasn’t been “turning me on” much recently.  There’s so much out there, but … Continue reading

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What More Do You Need From a Wine Store?

Posted on by Kris


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What does “garrigue” mean?

Posted on by Kris

The mere mention of the word “garrigue” brings back vivid memories of my childhood summers spent in the south of France. I’m just kidding. That never happened… The term “garrigue” actually refers to the low-lying vegetation on the hills that … Continue reading

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