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French Cows Fed 2 Bottles of Wine a Day to Increase Flavor.

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A number of farmers in the Languedoc wine region of France have taken to feeding their cattle local red wine to improve the flavor of their beef. According to The Independent, local farmer Claude Chaballier has been feeding his cattle … Continue reading

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French Wine Merchants Boycott Californian Wine in Protest Over Foie Gras Ban.

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Ze wine merchants in southwest France are a little pissed-off with the recent foie gras ban in California, so much so, they have decided to take all Californian wines off their shelves. Foie gras has been outlawed across California as … Continue reading

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What does “garrigue” mean?

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The mere mention of the word “garrigue” brings back vivid memories of my childhood summers spent in the south of France. I’m just kidding. That never happened… The term “garrigue” actually refers to the low-lying vegetation on the hills that … Continue reading

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Little James’ Basket Press – A Wine by Louis Barroul.

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Grapes 100% Grenache   Facts Louis Barruol, the winemaker behind the Little James Basket Press is part of the new generation of winemakers in the Southern Rhone region of France, who through years of study and instruction from his winemaking … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Languedoc

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Pick up any wine book, and flip to the page on the Southern Languedoc region of France. More often than not, the term “wine lake” or “ocean of vines” will be used, usually within the first set of paragraphs. No-doubt, … Continue reading

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Tortoise Creek Pinot Noir Paired with Hanger Steaks with Wilted Spinach and Gorgonzola Sauce

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The Mrs. wanted burgers, I wanted steak. Since it was my day off, and therefore my turn to cook: STEAK IT IS (WAS)! Hanger Steak is one of my favorite cuts of meat, however, I think my brief stay in … Continue reading

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