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7 Deadly Wine Glasses.

Posted on by Kris

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these beautiful (but granted not very practical) wine glasses. The 7 Deadly Glasses by Kacper Hamilton Design are based on the idea that each glass represents a sin, which is … Continue reading

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Smokescreen Red Wine Blend, Napa Valley, 2008

Posted on by Kris

Wine: Smokescreen (Red) Grapes: 72% Cabernet, 22% Syrah, 6% Petit Verdot Place: Napa Valley, California Price: $24.99 available from

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Will People Pay More for Wines They Can’t Pronounce?

Posted on by Kris

Yes they will! This according to new research which found that, in the eyes of the consumer, a wine will taste better if a winery is hard to pronounce. Brock University professor, Dr Antonia Mantonakis, found that English-speaking wine consumers … Continue reading

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10 Years of Two Buck Chuck, and Fred Franzia’s Opinion on Wine Snobs.

Posted on by Kris

2012 year marks the 10th anniversary of Charles Shaw, better known as 2-Buck Chuck, which made its debut in a Trader Joe’s store 2002. According to Fred Franzia (NB: he’s the multi-millionaire, standing in a vineyard, wearing the unironed trousers in … Continue reading

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Keeping it Crafty!

Posted on by Kris
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The Art of Toasting – My Top 10 Favorite Wine Toasts

Posted on by Kris

I truly do think it’s unfortunate that the art of reciting a proper “toast” is a lost tradition. Only at weddings do we hear the occasional “Cheers!” but a toast (when it’s done right) can make an otherwise forgettable “clink” … Continue reading

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